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About Us

International Doner Federation UDOFED is a Federation based in Istanbul with the aim of providing the representation of Doner in the world.

Rotary International Federation UDOFED Turkey and acts within the framework of a global vision of Rotary without non-discrimination.

Mehmet Mercan was elected as the President of UDOFED and Reis Döner Chairman of the Board of Directors of UDOFED, which aims to cope with the problems of the Turkish Doner at the international level and to protect its rights.

UDOFED first organization in Turkey and Europe, and aims to bring solutions to the problems that exist in each of the rotary platform.

Doner, which is the most consumed fast food product in the world, also has a cultural mission, making it essential for the businessmen to meet under the umbrella of UDOFED.
The names of UDOFED founding associations that aim to act together with all the dynamics of the sector for the global future of Döner are as follows;

DÜBİDER Doner Manufacturers Association,
Dönerted Doner Suppliers Association,
DÖNERDER All Doner Society,
DÖNUSTAD Doner Masters Association,
DÖGEDER Doner Development Association,
DÖGİDER Rotary Entrepreneurs Association,
Association of Döner Operators.

0216 443 30 30