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The message of the President

Turkey´s most recognized in the world and fondly consumed foods Turkish Doner is no longer vacant, comes with the richest flavor treasures of our culture, in the international media as well as in Turkey to gain the reputation it deserves International Rotary Federation (UDOFED) as we have set out .

When people go into a business where in the world you go to the Rotary made him feel like the borders of Turkey has entered into, Turkey thinks that reaching the insatiable taste of flavor.

Every day returns in the hands of close to 500 million people, the flavors in the palate, Turkey has in mind.

Rotary is a global power with Turkey´s national culture and tourism ambassador. It is also one of Turkey´s biggest economic pen.

How Does?

Turkey and the millions of employed people in the world, outside of the rotating added value generated by the industry billions of dollars of foreign currency income is a plus in our country.

Rotating not only returns, but also means that Turkey Rotary.

Rotary is given out when asked to be given a message to Turkey and Turkey abroad.

Döner, our national cultural treasury and flavor value, which has risen with the individual achievements of Turkish people at home and abroad, unfortunately had been abandoned to the present time to the corporate custody.

Now you have UDOFED

With the aim of finding solutions to the problems of Turkish doner and doner sector in different geographies, institutionalization and gaining reputation in the world, we took a happy journey with the important names of the doner sector.

As the International Doner Federation (UDOFED), we continue our way confidently to represent the Doner and Doner sector in a more professional and stronger way both at home and abroad.

Unfortunately, human health is threatened with unfair and unlawful competition at many points in the Rotary Sector we represent. Without considering food safety in unhealthy and unhygienic conditions under the staircase production of consumer health and disregard this understanding will stop saying and surely will stop.

UDOFED only representative of the swivel rotary sector is not anywhere in Turkey, is the voice and advocate.

Döner deserves the struggle to prevent the success of the global level where it deserves, unfair competition and those who damage our national value will always face UDOFED.

Doner has different problems in each country. We are aware of the distress experienced everywhere and especially in our country. In a global food war, we are here to face every attempt that undermines the national value of Doner.

In this challenging and righteous struggle, we will add strength to our valuable doner friends.

I extend my respect, love and gratitude to all of you.

Mehmet Mercan

0216 443 30 30