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Certification Comes to Turkish Doner

We had serious studies with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry with the suggestion of our President in terms of bringing certification to the doner. In the end of these efforts, we hope that we will earn a certification in the near future."

Doner, which is one of the important tastes of Turkish cuisine, is one of the most consumed foods both at home and abroad. When it comes to food, being hygienic and healthy is one of the issues that everyone pays attention to. International Doner Federation (UDOFED) President Mehmet Mercan said that they will bring certification to Turkish doner as a result of their work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Mercan stated that they will separate the doner production points and doner selling points, that is, they will eliminate the problem the farm to the fork, the problem of traceability and controllability.

"Turkish doner kebab is no longer unowned"

Providing information on certification, Mehmet Mercan said, "Turkish doner kebab, which is the unique flavor of Anatolia, is no longer unowned. Our federation is the defender and protector of doner kebab. We have done very serious work in this regard in 2019. As a result of these studies, we hope that we will earn a certification in the near future. We are at the working stage now. The Ministry also finds it correct. We separate the doner production points and doner selling points. We will eliminate the problem of controllability. We prioritize public health. "

"While checking the doner kebabs, samples will be taken cooked and raw doner kebabs without destroying its structure"

Emphasizing that cooked and raw doner samples can be taken, Mercan said, "Since this time the meat was cooked, the controllers and our ministry could only take samples the baked doner. "The ministry has agreed to take samples to control the adulteration. The ministry will take samples cooked and raw doner, without disturbing its structure, while checking the rotators in the field," he said.

Coral words concluded: "overturned the throne of the Turkish döner global brand, global fast food lobby in front of past national culture Eat future. Revolving Turkey´s culture is the messenger is Turkey´s wealth. Federation for the credibility of the re-establishment he deserves is a very serious work."

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