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Cold Chain in Doner Production According to EU

Cold Chain and Rules
Production date label and, if different production date, freezing date. "Production date": The date of cut or the date of catching in fisheries production, or the date of processing, disintegration or preparation of all foodstuffs of animal origin.

If a foodstuff is produced a batch of raw materials with different production and freezing dates, then the oldest production and / or freezing dates must be given. It is valid throughout the European Union as of 1 July 2012.

The Los label directive “Los” for foodstuffs is actually the whole of the sales units of a food product that is grown, produced or packaged under equal conditions. In any case, Los is determined by the producer, producer or packer of the food in question, or by the first seller located in the EU.

If the minimum expiration date or expiration date specified in accordance with Directive 2000/13 / EG is fully specified, it can be used in place of the definition where Los data can be determined.

Regulation on the transport of perishable foodstuffs
According to the acquis, which mostly deals with technical aspects, the conditions for different transport vehicles (TIR, trailer, container, freight wagons, etc.) and their cooling or heating equipment have been determined.

In addition, the heat conditions applicable to easily perishable foodstuffs are specified, and accordingly, which type of transportation vehicles will be used in international transportation is concretely stated.

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