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Doner Status By Country

Doner As the news revolving around the world, we are constantly investigating the country-by-country situation. In this issue, we wanted to tell you the status of Doner in the Arab and Iranian world.

Where are you ?

The country where there is no doner is very little. As Döner News Magazine, we do researches everywhere. In order to provide accurate information to our readers and sector representatives, we try to communicate the status of the doner by country. In this series of articles, we will share the insights we have gained about returns in different countries.


It is in the hands of Iranians of Azeri descent in Iran. Tehran, Tabriz, Urmia are the three most important cities of the city. Rotary signs in Iran, not with the name of the Doner “Turkish Doner yazıl is written by the name. One is in Tehran and the other is in Urmia. Many Mahna company in Urmiye4 produces minced meat, and chicken doner. It serves all major Iranian cities, including Tehran.

Rotary industry is a good market for Iran to Turkey. But the trade between the two countries has problems due to international barriers and the banking system is not working well.

Gulf Countries

The interest of the revolving gulf countries is gradually increasing. some investors Turkey strives to create revolving known brands in these countries. Döner reaches customers in luxury venues in these countries. We also hear the efforts to establish a doner factory. But there is no serious workshop yet.


There are revolving restaurants in Mecca, Medina and Riyadh. Kebabs are offered in these restaurants along with doner kebabs. Only doner brands are not available in the country yet. As in the Gulf countries, it is difficult for an outsider to do business without a local partner, both legally and in terms of monitoring its functioning.

We provide information about some of the countries that enter the rotary countries outside Turkey.

Today, even in the most remote towns of the Southern Hemisphere of the Siberian steppes, you have the chance to eat doner kebab. Although there are differences in preparation, presentation and even taste, it is the greatest value that represents us in the Rotating World.

According to accounts we place spheres are consumed daily servings of 500 million returns, and when taken every bite is considered something to do with Turkey.
With the entrepreneurial spirit of Anatolia, the future of the doner who comes to these points is bright and clear. There is a well established and functioning system in Europe, but the revolving sector which constantly renews itself and needs professional support is rising with different dynamics in every country.

As a result, the flavor of the product and the fact that it has surpassed the continents is not a local value, but a global flavor.

Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria

The returns in North African countries have started to rise since 2010. While frozen ready doner kebabs sent European countries were introduced to the market, a small number of doner kitchens established with the consultancy and partnerships of the Turks started to offer doner kebabs especially in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Despite the instability and commercial difficulties in the North African countries, there are rotating regions and the number of restaurants is constantly increasing.

Iraq, Syria

these two neighboring countries, which actually was the lifeline for market makers in Turkey Rotary writhing in the grip of internal unrest for years. While pre-war Baghdad, Basra, Erbil, Aleppo cities were taking serious tonnage of chicken and minced meat, the trade recently came to a halt.

These two countries do not have a rotary production facility. Even though restaurants try to prepare doner kebabs in their kitchens with their own means, they are far the actual doner kebab. The master returns Turkey will become a huge market for returns if more duramıyorlar.b cause confusion with the stability of the region.

Research: İrfan Söyler
Source: DonerHaber.com

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