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Our Activities

  • 29.4.2024
    Traditional product registration is coming to Turkish döner in Europe
    The announcement of the application made by the International Doner Federation to the European Union (EU) to register doner, one of the first flavors that comes to mind when Turkish cuisine is mentioned, as a "traditional product name", was published in t
  • 29.4.2024
    The symbol of Türkiye-Germany relations: TURKISH DONER
    There are those who explain the adoption of doner in Germany with cultural diversity, and there are those who oppose reducing the success of the Turks to doner... Meltem Fıratlı and Gizem Dinçbaş Hürriyet wrote about the cultural and political impac
  • 29.4.2024
    Turkish doner registration right the European Union
    Turkish doner will be registered by the European Union (EU). Turkey´s application was published in the EU´s official journal.
  • 25.2.2020
    Udofed Announces 2020 Projects
    We also announced an organization in which the press showed great interest in our projects that we will realize in 2020.
  • 22.1.2020
    Studies on Getting Certification to Döner
    Press releases were provided by our Federation President, Mehmet Mercan, about our work on Certification Returns.
  • 21.1.2020
    Certification Comes to Turkish Doner
    We had serious work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry with the suggestion of our President in terms of bringing certification to the doner.
  • 20.1.2020
    Visit to TV 24
    Udofed Chairman Mehmet Mercan and Deputy Chairman irfan Söyler visited Tv24 General Coordinator Murat Çiçek in his office.
  • 20.1.2020
    Visit to Iha
    Udofed President Mehmet Mercan and Vice President İrfan Söyler visited the Ihlas News Agency.
  • 20.1.2020
    Visit to Turkey Gazette
    Udofed Chairman Mehmet Mercan Turkey Newspaper Chief Coordinator Yucel visit Coach authorities.
  • 17.1.2020
    UDOFED Trusted Product Platform
    Representing the International Doner Federation; We attended the Reliable Product Platform meeting, chaired by Elif Attape.
  • 16.1.2020
    UDOFED visits Çekmeköy Mayor
    UDOFED Chairman Mehmet Mercan, Deputy Chairman İrfan Söyler and Derya Balaban, Editor of the Döner News Newspaper visited Mr. Ahmet Poyraz, Mayor of Çekmeköy, in his office.
  • 9.01.2020
    Dean of Esenyurt University Dr. We visited Özer Ergun
    The President and Vice-Presidents of the International Doner Federation visited the Dean of Esenyurt University.
  • 9.01.2020
    UDOFED General Assembly Was Held
    International Doner Federation UDOFED General Assembly held. At the general meeting held in Istanbul Naz City Hotel Conference Hall, Mehmet Mercan was elected as the Chairman of the Federation Reis Döner Board of Directors.
  • 30.12.2019
    Udofed Visits Istanbul Provincial Agriculture Director
    As Udofed, we visited Mr. Ahmet Yavuz Karaca, Istanbul Provincial Agriculture Director, at his office. We would like to thank Ahmet Yavuz Karaca, Istanbul Provincial Agriculture Manager, for his hospitality.
  • 25.12.2019
    We attended the program prepared by Professional Development Platform
    Professional Development Platform We participated in the program prepared by GIDADER with our association chairman Mehmet Mercan and our Board of Directors team.
  • 23.12.2019
    Thanks to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
    We thank the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for their support to our Federation ...
  • 20.12.2019
    Doner Workshop Images
    The Rotary Workshop on Food Safety was organized by the University of Health Sciences and the International Doner Federation in Istanbul.
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