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How to Become a Doner Factory According to EU Laws

How should the doner factory be?

EG Rotary norms applied in modern factory in Turkey to overlap with HACCP rules. In 2006, the European Union abolished the member states´ own laws for the foodstuffs that were frozen and offered for sale and enacted a common law. This practice was called EG Norms.
All food companies producing within the EU were compelled to urgently adapt to these norms.
Factories were inspected in the gradually recognized periods. Those who could not renew themselves were closed.

Are you in compliance with EG-Norms?

The aim of the new law is to keep food safety at the highest level in the European Union. The biggest responsibility of the safety of a food rests with the food companies. All companies need to prepare and implement the HACCP (Critical Control Points and Hazard Analysis) system for Food Safety.

Which companies are obliged to receive the EG-Acceptance Certificate?

EG rules apply to all companies that produce, process and sell, and even wholesalers.
It is reported that the companies that have been registered so far, preparing / processing meat products are also obliged to obtain the EG-Acceptance certificate, unless they have exceptional circumstances.
For companies that have had the EG-Acceptance document for a long time, not much will change in the new rules.

What exceptions are there?

In the delivery of animal food one company to another, there is no need for a majority in the acceptance document. In other words, the documents are not needed during the delivery of one third of the companies, which are very close to each other as the place, of the material produced animal food. In addition, this EG-Certificate of Acceptance is not given to the consumer and the customer who bought the products.

How and where to apply for a document?

If the document is required, authorized official office - Veterinary office (Ministry of Health in some countries, Ministry of Food in some) people come and visit the company. Authorized officers temporarily issue a 6-month EG-Acceptance certificate to the company on their first visit. The delivery of the original full document is given when the authorized officers revisit the company for the second time and determine that the company meets all the necessary operational requirements. Authorized officers may not give EG-Acceptance certificate to the companies they visit in some cases. In this case, the company owner is given a certain time to complete the deficiencies in his company and correct the detected errors.
Companies that still produce without a certificate but are obliged to apply to the official office as soon as possible.

What conditions will be taken into account to receive the document?

You can go to the authorized office and find out which application form is required.
At the same time, attention should be paid to the fact that the products produced, such as minced meat, are constantly subjected to microbiological controls. The state of the technical machinery and the company should be in accordance with the existing technical system.

What are the advantages?

The manufacturer, which does not have an EG Betrieb certificate, cannot sell its products to other EU countries. Every producer must have this document in order to sell abroad.

What are the disadvantages?

In the first place, there are huge costs, so the cost will be high, but you will see the benefit. Product quality and the image of the company will be at the forefront for its customers.

Who will help you?

It can apply for financial assistance to investment banks located in each state to companies with small and medium income with sales. However, I recommend that you apply to an expert advisor to fill the application forms completely and properly. The most important is to work in the best way with the apartments that follow these works.

Work with professionals

For the production of doner kebabs, it is imperative that those who set up the facility get professional support. Otherwise, he will have to invest more cheaply. Purchase of the plot, plan, project, machinery and devices, production line, cold chain formation.
These are all expensive and necessary investments. You cannot even sacrifice someone.
Chicken and Meat processing line should now be separated, hygiene and working environments should be prepared at a level that does not allow bacterial growth.
The investor makes the most mistake about cold rooms. These rooms often cause problems in the most critical periods when working here, not with professionals, but with cheap workers.
Imagine a cold room deteriorating as soon as your 20 ton doner waits in a cold room at -18 degrees. How much harm will you get when you throw 20 tons of doner in the trash? Also, how much extra cost of repairing that room will bring you another issue.

Source: donerhaber.com

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