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UDOFED General Assembly Was Held

International Doner Federation UDOFED General Assembly held. At the general meeting held in Istanbul Naz City Hotel Conference Hall, Mehmet Mercan was elected as the Chairman of the Federation Reis Döner Board of Directors.

The General Assembly, which was chaired by İsmet Erdoğan and chaired by the Divam delegation, consisting of Muhammet Nezif Emek and İrfan Söyler, started with the reading of the National Anthem and the National Anthem. Then the election of the President and the Board of Directors was held.

Accordingly, while Mercan was appointed as the President, Ramazan Tahta, Cemil Türksever, Kamuran Aydemir, İsmet Erdoğan, Muhammet Nezif Emek and İrfan Söyler were appointed as Vice Presidents.

The General Assembly ended with the wishes and wishes after the President´s speech of thanks.

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